Team of Two

You are a team of two.  Just two.  You & your boo.

No one else is truly on your team, and no one else understands your team like you do. Treat your teammate as though they are the only one in the world who is strong enough, and who has the desire, to swim through a sea of dysfunction and save you from unhappiness, because they probably are. Aspire greatness for one another, back each other no matter who is right or wrong, and present a unified front towards all outsiders. Remember that you are working towards the same goals; think of it as a three-legged race, you can only go as fast as your partner, and the more you work together, the more your team can accomplish.

Do not let the misfortunes of others burden your team. Do not bring drama from the field into your locker room. Do not allow sore losers to dissolve the bonds of your team. Do not discuss any losses, either emotionally or financially, that your team may have suffered with anyone outside of your team. Keep it in forefront of your mind who is on your team, and who is not, and always be your team’s greatest cheerleader. If you must seek outside guidance, keep it to a single person, preferably a counselor or psychologist. Look to them as you would to a coach. They are not going to have all of the answers to solve every problem all the time; they are merely there to assist you in developing your own methods, and best practices for your team.

Perhaps, what is most important is that you love one another, fully and freely. Nothing is perfect; don’t expect your team to be either, but if you are kind and thoughtful, work hard, honor each other, promote freedom of expression, and encourage one another to fly in the development of your own talents; chances are you will not go wrong, and that you will be immensely happy. Honesty, respect, being true to yourself and your partner… these things will all align if you actively work on loving one another.


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